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Bringing your home to market requires much preparation.  The process can dictate how well your home shows and how much profit goes in your pocket.  PSS will assess your home's interior as well as the exterior.  A prioritized list of action items with the goal of attracting potential buyers will be presented.  Typically, homeowners require 4-6 weeks to complete these actions. It is critical not to rush your home to market but to be strategic in your preparation.  The result will place your home at the top of every buyer's list. 

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Once the Prep work is completed, it is time to stage!  PSS will maximize each corner of your home's potential. Our goal is to utilize as much of your current home inventory as possible.  If additional pieces or decor are needed, our private inventory can be utilized to make it shine.  The end result is to remove a seller's personality from the home so potential buyers can envision themselves living there. First impressions are crucial so let us 



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Select a knowledgeable real estate agent and let's get your home on the market. Hire Janis and she or a member of her team will INCLUDE a Staging Consultation at no additional cost. 

Meet the Team

Prep Stage Sell was formed to assist sellers in

bringing the best version of their home to market.

Let us show you how to get your home in prime condition while

keeping the cost within your budget. Our goal is to make your home


Janis Kreft Valenti, MBA, HSE

Associate Broker

Janis spent 20+ years in the corporate world before changing professions and entering the field of real estate. After showing hundreds of homes, the idea of Prep Stage Sell came to mind.  A home that is prepped and staged is a step above the rest! Her degrees in Marketing and Finance along with her strong organization skills set the stage for developing the company.  Certified as a Home Staging Expert coupled with the love for transforming a home from “lived in” to “marketable” has provided the background to help make PSS a reality.

Jill Rodgers, HSE

Jill has always had a passion for rearranging spaces and redesigning everyday tasks to maximize productivity. She began her career in the field of productivity engineering, a profession she excelled at as a result of her efficiency and attention to detail. Today, she applies these same skills to help her client’s transition their homes from a storehouse of possessions to a place that is comfortable, appealing and efficient. Jill is certified as a Home Staging Expert and is currently working towards her certification in organizing. A fabulous addition to the team!


Honest Reviews

“Janis at Prep Stage Sell is amazing! She offered excellent advice, answered every question and helped me make informed decisions. Because of Janis' efforts, I felt very confident and assured that she put my home’s best foot forward in the market. Thank you Janis, for your expertise, guidance and patience throughout this whole process. I couldn't have gotten through it without your help! I highly recommend Prep Stage Sell.”

— Kaitlyn Schoen, Seller in Clinton Township

Janis and Prep Stage Sell were my saving grace. As a senior citizen with a very bad back, Janis went up and beyond in mapping out a plan to help me dispose of 27 years of accumulated “stuff.” She then showed me how to present my home in the best possible light. Old wallpaper was removed, some painting needed to be done and other minor projects were completed. She provided referrals for contractors to complete the work. Once this was completed and the home was cleaned, Janis used her staging skills to make the home shine. When it was completed, my house was a home that could have been in  Better Home and Gardens. Many potential buyers marveled at what a warm and welcoming home it was as it looked like a model home!  Without Janis, I would still be there going through boxes and trying to dig my way out. Her help was priceless. If you’re overwhelmed, take my advice and hire Janis and her team to make it a much more enjoyable adventure!

— Judy, Seller in Livonia


Will Staging Increase

The Value of My Home?

YES!  When staging a home, 29 percent of sellers’

agents reported an increase of 1 to 5% of the dollar value offered by buyers, in comparison

to similar homes. 

Another 21% percent of sellers' agents stated that staging increased the dollar value of the home

between 6 to 10%

(Data provided by the National Association of Realtors, 2017)

Do Staged Homes Sell Faster than Non-Staged Homes?
YES! Staged homes are known to sell
73% faster than non-staged homes

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